Healing Ourselves; Taking Responsibility for our Wellness

The other day I found myself in conversation with a delightful human being whom I have known from around the local community for many years. Although she was skeptical about my ability to heal cancer naturally her inquiry was in earnest. She listened intently and patiently to me while I responded to her perplexed state of mind; "I just can't wrap my brain around this - you mean you've done this all naturally?" I shared bits of my journey with her and I appreciated her genuine interest and willingness to consider what I was saying. Later, we communicated a bit more and she told me that she was finally able to embrace the truth of these stories that are surfacing more and more these days - you can heal cancer naturally. For that matter.... You can heal your life naturally. You can heal your relationships naturally. You can heal your depression, acid reflux, stress, anxiety, high cholesterol and high blood pressure naturally - the list goes on and on. What do I mean by "heal naturally"? First, it's important to understand what healing really means - Do you want to spend your time and money chasing after symptoms that just get in the way of your agenda or do you truly want to re-balance your body systems from the foundation so they operate optimally, providing sustained energy, clarity and a sense of well-being as you move through your day?
Most people have been following the former course of action - "Just get rid of the pain and let me get on with my life!" In fact, our entire medical industry is built on addressing and diagnosing the symptoms and making that the focus; this is a slippery slope as the symptoms are not the dis-ease. It's like spraying water on the fire alarm rather than the fire. Watch any commercial for the latest prescription drug and we see beautiful people smiling in bed or walking on the beach and they look so happy and healthy! Following this idyllic scene is a shopping list full of side effects caused by that prescription drug; everything from weight gain, acid reflux and dizziness to heart conditions, stroke, physical debilitation, cancer and um, death. Death as a "side effect"?! Really, people? Does this really feel right to you? Don't you think there may be a better way; don't you think you deserve better than this?

Unfortunately these are the "treatments" our doctors are offering us and most people are afraid to question them; for a lot of people, it's all they know. We all grew up with the understanding that when you don't feel well you go to the doctor and certainly for some situations this is exactly the thing to do! When it comes to acute health conditions such as accidents, burns, fractures, heart attacks and certain life-threatening infections the success rate of the medical treatment is unmatched and remarkable. We have much to be thankful for in this area of medicine. What about the other 90% of diseases and health concerns countless people are going to the doctor for every day? At the beginning of the 20th century chronic illness was quite rare with only 10 out of 100 people suffering ongoing illness. Today, chronic disease makes up 90% of all health problems.

With a trusting and hopeful heart, patients step up onto the conveyer belt of standardized medicine expecting to heal but instead they're met with a slew of blood tests, EKGs, referrals from one doctor to the next. They end up with a prescription drug for the diagnosed symptoms which creates detrimental side effects, trading off one symptom for the next and the weary patient returns week after week only to end up being on twelve different prescriptions and no closer to being healed. You see, doctors are only trained to diagnose symptoms and write prescriptions and there is simply no healing or sustainability in this system. Healing naturally is about getting to the source of the imbalance; looking beyond the symptoms and addressing all the elements that contribute to health and making adjustments where needed. In this way we become a participant in our health not just a patient or a victim at the mercy of a system that only see's one part rather than the whole.

A growing number of people are becoming disenchanted with the modern medical industry and have turned to alternative medicine and naturopaths for solutions. This is a huge stride in the right direction but even working with a holistic doctor requires our active participation in order to create the healing response in our body; in fact this willingness to take responsibility for our own health is key. In fact, I find it ironic that we come in to this world in these bodies and occupy them for our entire life yet hand over the responsibility of the health of these bodies to a complete stranger who we are told "knows best". While certainly there are circumstances under which it make absolute sense to go to a doctor for care, however it's too often we hand over our power and simply do as we're told with no questions asked. This is a choice we make and whether we want to acknowledge it or not, the medical industry has been bought out and now has a powerful agenda; keeping people sick is big business, in fact in our world today it's the biggest.

Thankfully, we have a choice. Each day we wake up in this body and this mind and we can choose how we treat this body, what we feed this body, how we think, how we relate, how we live. All of this impacts our health profoundly. Ultimately, disease is a toxicity crisis whose source is directly reflected in our modern world today. Increase in illness is directly connected with the increase in processed and chemical-laden foods, polluted water and air, depleted soil, chemicals sprayed on our food and the pace at which most of us live our lives is a breeding ground for stress.
When it comes to activating a healing response in our body, the most immediate place we can take action and have a drastic impact is through the food we consume and the lifestyle choices we make. Each day our body builds 30 trillion new cells while removing the cellular debris of old worn-out cells. Imagine for a moment, if the public works of NYC stopped collecting trash? Imagine what the streets would look like after just a few weeks? That's pretty much what happens to our system when we don't support the natural cleansing process, which requires a clean diet, activation of the lymphatic system and plenty of water to move it all through.

Refined sugar consumption creates inflammation in the body, meat consumption (now deemed by the W.H.O. to be a number one cancer causing food) creates an acidic environment in the body and excess protein levels which cause inflammation and congestion in our intestines and our dairy products are filled with hormones and allergens. Most people continue to consume a refined diet high in meat and refined sugar and then go to the doctor concerned about symptoms, only to receive a prescription drug that ultimately further burdens our already exhausted liver and kidneys while creating a slew of other side effects. It's a vicious cycle that does not lead us anywhere but in circles.

We get this one life, how do you want to feel each day? Do you tell yourself "I'm just getting old, that's what happens." Or "I couldn't possibly give up my steak, or my coffee or my wine...!" In these ways we remain tethered and stuck and they are all choices we make and they are simply beliefs we choose to hold on to. Maybe your body has a lot of years under it's belt, perhaps all the parts aren't working as they once were or maybe you have that constant inner critic that believes you're never good enough. Regardless of all that, our body is our vessel for this lifetime and no doubt, there is always someone who has it better than us and someone who has it worse. We can all make excuses for not taking care of ourselves but ultimately the most profound and effective guarantee of good health is by taking responsibility for our health and our life. Regardless of where someone is at there are so many things we can each do on a daily basis that can stimulate healing and return the body to a state of true balance.

Cancer is no exception.

If I had done what the doctor at the hospital told me then I would be sick, bald, emaciated and possibly dead by now. No exaggeration. The cancer industry is a massive multi-billion dollar business gripped by the hand of the pharmaceutical industry and rooted in the standardized approach of surgery, chemo and radiation. In fact cancer is the result of a toxicity crises and regardless of what mainstream media has told us, there is so much we can do to support and heal our body that does not involve cutting, poisoning or burning our body. Somehow I sensed this after my diagnosis with absolutely no idea that healing naturally from cancer was even an option - I just knew there had to be a better way. Finally after massive amounts of research I learned that our genes do not define us - genes can be turned on and off just by what we eat and our lifestyle. I also learned about what cancer truly is and the countless cures that already exist, however they all involve one common thread--to heal you must be willing to change your life. Although I was blessed to find an exceptional naturopathic doctor, he told me at our first visit that he is not the one who does the healing. He is a guide and a support, but ultimately it's up to me to do the work. From that first day I had full trust in his guidance, my body's ability to heal and my own intuition - that inner sense that many of us disregard but it’s often the one guide we can truly trust in this life. I changed my diet significantly - eliminated sugar, alcohol, dairy and meat - all congesting and acid forming elements to the body especially when healing from a toxicity crises. I got on a daily robust supplement regimen to support the detox and eventual rebuilding of my body, I did natural therapies such as colonics and IVC, I found nature and reconnected with myself - with the earth, I healed old wounds, I channeled stress, I began to talk to God (well, the trees and the ocean but ultimately it's all the same), I learned to say "no", I learned to respect and take care of myself, I talked to my inner child (inner teenager in my case) and reassured her and listened to her, I let her cry and rage and through that she softened. I faced fear. I leaned right in and looked right at it and watched it dissolve. I woke up to life. The inner emotional work is just as vital as the physical detoxing. We must release our fear, our resentment and old expired grudges. Let that shit go. As my body began to heal it gave me momentum and inspiration. A month ago my doc said he truly does not believe there to be cancer present any longer and I am now in a fine-tuning phase of healing - breaking down the rest of the benign lump which is quarter the size it was in the beginning. More importantly I feel better than I've ever felt in my life physically, emotionally and spiritually. Healing takes time. One of my dear mentors recently said to me, "There are three stages of healing. The first stage is where the motivation is building and you're gearing up to dive in; you have a toolbox full of resources and you are ready to go for it. ("I am going to heal") The next stage is the being IN it. The daily work. The day-to-day, which becomes your own personally, customized routine. You got this. You're getting used to the new lifestyle and learning to really settle in. ("I am healing") The third and final stage is the mindset we must allow and embrace when the time is right. Our body reflects signs of drastic healing; we feel a new lightness, a new giddiness, and a deep sense that something has been lifted. For we are not meant to be in the active state of healing forever although we will remain committed to a healthy lifestyle for the long term; our body has responded well and our doc gives us the green light; it's time to begin to step up and in to our new life. (I am healed). From here, well, the sky's the limit. XO

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