Finding My Voice…..

There have been a lot of inquiries from people lately, curious to know what is my healing regimen? What am I doing and how did I decide what course of treatment to take? After all, its no small decision and not one to be taken lightly. I am happy to share this information but first, grab some tea and make yourself comfortable because I have a few things I'd like to just get off my chest- (no pun intended).

I am amazed and also saddened by the negative associations people in general have had at the notion of "healing naturally". Ideas of quackery and names like "Steve Jobs" get tossed around with plenty of eye rolling and loaded statements full of worry and fear. After the massive amounts of research I have done since all of this began, some things have become crystal clear to me. First of all, some people who choose alternative cancer treatments die anyway. Second, some people--many, many people--who choose traditional cancer treatments die anyway. So, what gives? I am not going to make this a blog about Steve Jobs but perhaps we can take a moment and recognize that taking what the media presents to us as "truth" is something we might think more carefully on before forming our opinion and using it to criticize someone else's healing choices.
Fact is, Steve Jobs was incredibly secretive about his treatments and very few people truly know the details surrounding his natural cancer treatment plan. In fact he did heal several times and each time he did so, returned to his 'old' life back at Apple and the cancer returned. After many months of this, he had several surgeries one of which was a liver transplant; he was then placed on immunosuppressants (so the body wouldn't reject the transplanted organ) and for anyone who has a history of cancer this is one of the worst things you can do since a suppressed immune system feeds cancer. To say that 'healing cancer with alternative methods doesn't work because Steve Jobs died, is a grossly ignorant statement and one that comes from a very narrow minded perspective. What I have come to realize is to truly heal at the root of the imbalance is a largely personal journey and one that requires work on the mental, emotional and physical level. Ok, moving on….

Through my writing journey so far, I have tiptoed around some of the information I have learned; why would I do this? Out of fear…fear of rocking the boat. This is a long standing pattern of mine and I think many people can identify with the tendency. I've always strived for acceptance and there have been many times, I would happily stifle my opinion if it meant people would like me. I am also a perpetual people lover and I don't enjoy conflict; But there comes a time when we realize these tendencies no longer serve us and we need to stand up for our own truth and realize that we can communicate with love and respect and allow others the freedom to arrive at their own conclusion. This is the point I have arrived at in my own journey and as I take steps in to massively unchartered territory, I am committing to speaking from my heart and sharing from an authentic space.

I have shared a little bit so far on why I chose to heal naturally and as I sit here, a month in to my regimen I will say that I have not had a single moment's doubt about the choices I made. This doesn't mean I haven't had moments of fear, or worry or anxiety in the face of the breadth of my circumstances, but I have not doubted the choice I made for healing because from the beginning, I followed my inner voice--my intuition. This is truly where our own power is, for anyone regardless of what treatment options they choose for themselves.

There are vital common threads in the choices made by those who have healed naturally that are fundamentally important, but ultimately, its a personal journey and the healing regimen must be individualized to each person. This is where the modern medical paradigm is severely limited and in many cases has failed. In particular when it comes to cancer care today, what we are really dealing with is a business. In the past 45 years since the "war on cancer" was declared, over 2 trillion dollars has been spent on conventional cancer research and treatments and we have made little to no progress to show for it. It seems to me, anyone facing cancer at least has a right to be informed about any and all healing treatments(both conventional and alternative) so they can make that decision for themselves.
The nurses, doctors and staff working tirelessly in the medical field genuinely care about their patients, they don't want to see people suffer and work hard to help as much as they can. When it comes to trauma care they have mastered the art. When it comes to cancer care I believe the modern medical system is limited by its "one size fits all" approach. Thankfully more hospitals are beginning to incorporate integrative approach (combining traditional and alternative treatments) for cancer patients as they can no longer turn away from the indisputable benefits of many of these natural therapies.
When I went in to talk with the doctors and surgeons I met with at the beginning, I asked about alternative options and I didn't know it at the time, but it's illegal for a doctor to recommend anything other than surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. The FDA regularly approaches doctors individually and threatens legal action if they prescribe anything other than the FDA-approved drugs. In addition, from a doctor's perspective there is much more financial benefit to selling these FDA approved drugs as opposed to telling their patients to change their diet and start healing their emotions. 

The bottom line was that none of this resonated with me and I hold deep respect for all the people I know who have chosen to follow conventional treatment, they were following their inner voice and I too need to follow mine. 

Note to reader: This has become longer than anticipated so I have opted to post the details of my regimen in a second part, to be shared tomorrow (4/21) I like to go with the flow as the words find me and this does often lead to a longer blog post:)






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