Six Months In; An Update

Last week I went in for another visit with my naturopath, Dr. Olarsch. It marked six months since our very first meeting back in the beginning of March and as always it was wonderful to see him and his amazing and sweet German Shepard, Shanti who originated from the New Skete monastery. During the time between visits there is frequent email contact on an as needed basis anytime I have questions or concerns or just want to provide an update. He responds attentively to every question I've had along the way. This visit I was curious to see what would transpire, as I have been feeling so good. We spent a lot of time talking, going over questions and areas of progress and I was curious to know what kind of tests I might get and when that could further determine my progress. Naturopaths treat the underlying cause of an issue and use various tools to help identify the source of an imbalance. In addition they include the entirety of a person and this is something I appreciate so much about my doc as he takes the time to talk to me and understand me as a whole person rather than a walking collection of symptoms.

Dr. Olarsch has studied and practiced iridology for 30 years and apprenticed since he was a young child with both his father (also a naturopath) and directly with Dr. Bernard Jenson who is responsible for bringing awareness of iridology to the west in the 1930's. Iridology is a diagnostic tool used by practitioners to identify the underlying weaknesses in the body. Every organ and system is detailed in the iris and using a special magnifying tool, markings and changes on the eye are studied for indications of any health problems. Its very important to work with a practitioner who has a lot of experience interpreting iris signs into terms of meaningful information; this takes practice, skill, knowledge of the body in respect to its anatomy, physiology, biochemical activities, and certainly wisdom. He did an iridology reading at my first appointment and it revealed so much. In fact, I could have told him nothing about what was going on with me and after examining my eyes he would have figured it all out. Over the last six months I have noticed a lot of changes in the color of my eyes as they seem to be changing from brown to more green. I didn't expect an exam at this meeting as it takes quite some time for changes within the body to show up in the eyes. However, to my surprise he decided he wanted to go ahead and have a quick look. To his immense surprise, as he methodically went through each of my systems that have been compromised, he showed delight at the progress. I echoed this delight :) My lymph system has totally cleared (I has sensed this by the fact that I sweat profusely in yoga class these days- a very new thing for me). There had been a lesion on the iris that corresponded to my brain/temple/sinus area that is completely gone. The area corresponding to my digestive/intestinal system is almost entirely cleared and the markings corresponding to the breast lump have reduced dramatically. In addition, with my permission, my doc did a brief exam of the lump itself as well as some energy work. Finally, he concluded that he doesn't think there are any more cancer cells in the lump and that what remains now is a benign mass that needs to finish breaking down so the body can rid the final remnants of the cellular tissue. There are therapies and supplements that will help with this process that he included in the next phase of my regimen/lifestyle. The lump itself has shrunk to the size of a pea and is basically drying up; when a tumor is "active" it will have blood flow and lymph activity, these characteristics are no longer present in my little lump. Curious still, I asked him what else made him conclude that the cancer cells may be gone. He looked at me and said, "look at you -- your skin glows, systems are nearly or entirely cleared, you have bounds of energy -- these signs are not indicative of cancer being present or spreading."

In conclusion I was immensely pleased with the progress so far and didn't realize how much I actually needed the reassurance and positive feedback. I will continue with the same regimen I have been following, with a few supplements removed and others added. In addition he highly recommended another IV-C treatment (to break down lump tissue) as well as continuing with colonics every few months. In late winter/early spring I will have thermography done (ladies, ditch the mammograms and go for thermography). I don't know if it was the positive feed back, the energy work or perhaps just another layer of letting fear go, but since that meeting I have felt "different", as if something has lifted. Or perhaps it’s just a deeper layer of peace that has settled within my heart, secure in the knowing that wherever it leads, I am on the right path.

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