The Quest for the Cures-Documentary Series
This 11-part documentary series is a game changer. Highly informative, a collection of interviews with doctors, scientists and patients who have reversed cancer with nutrition and a wide variety of non-toxic therapies with resounding success. A must see for anyone who has cancer, wishes to prevent cancer and/or knows someone who has cancer.
This was the first website I came across in my research and I am so full of gratitude for all that Chris does for those healing cancer naturally; His story is amazing as he healed his stage 3 colon cancer naturally 12 years ago. His website is a wealth of solid information, testimonials and interviews he has done with countless others who have traversed their own journey of healing. Chris continues to be a wealth of resources and inspiration through both his website, his recently published book, and YouTube channel  

Childhood Cancer
This is such a delicate topic but one that needs to be talked about more also. Currently the law requires that any child under 18 years of age is required to receive chemotherapy. There have been cases where children have been kidnapped out of their own home and locked in a hospital room, forced to receive chemo against they and their parents wishes. This family has done their best to focus on all the natural, holistic healing resources out there and they not only feature a podcast, but share their personal story about their own journey healing their son of cancer and provide endless resources and suggestions for anyone seeking support.


* "Mind Over Medicine; Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself" by Lissa Rankin, M.D.
I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in reaching beyond the mis-information fed to mainstream society and getting to the truth of the matter. The first part of the book explores in depth the role of our beliefs on health and how we might begin to turn them around. The second half of the book allows the reader to take action and guides you through a series of questions around each facet of life on an exploration of discovering the root of your own health imbalance.

"Radical Remission" by Kelly Turner
Kelly spent 10 years traveling the world researching natural cancer treatments and interviewing survivors who had healed their cancer. Of the thousands of cases she covered she discovered that although details varied with each case there were 9 key factors that were present and active for everyone who healed. This book explores those common threads in depth. A very powerful and inspiring read.

"Heal Breast Cancer Naturally" by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers
The author, 'Dr. V' healed her own breast cancer naturally and has worked with thousands of patients over the many years she has been in practice as a medical professional with a wide expanse of experience and knowledge. This book is a solid resource full of vital information about breast cancer and the seven main factors that ultimately and directly impact the diagnosis and healing of breast cancer. In this book she covers diet, environmental toxins, energetic factors, emotional wounds, biological dentistry, therapeutic plants and how to adopt healthy early detection.

 "Crazy, Sexy Cancer"  by Kris Carr
I love Kris Carr and all her work, she is an immensely bright light who shares her own journey in several books as well as a documentary by the same title of the above book. It follows her journey from the beginning and I love that she had the courage to share in such a vulnerable, honest and informative way.

Mind/Body Connection/Life Transformation
Lissa’s approach is through offering scientific evidence that the mind is the key player in healing the body. With a background in the medical field, she has the unique perspective of experiencing both the mainstream medical path as well as the alternative medicine field which comprises the foundation of her practice today. She has been and continues to be an inspiration to so many and her own journey of awakening is quite profound. A wonderful resource for anyone interested in healing their life on any level.

Joe’s experience is steeped in years of research within the field of quantum physics as well as applying this knowledge to his own healing journey which is quite powerful. He offers in-depth experiential knowledge as well as accessible practices we can all begin to implement every day to create healing of every possible ailment as well as positive change in our own lives.